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 The Survivor God Diary #7 (Second Immunity Win)

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The Survivor God Diary #7 (Second Immunity Win) Empty
PostSubject: The Survivor God Diary #7 (Second Immunity Win)   The Survivor God Diary #7 (Second Immunity Win) EmptyThu Jun 06, 2013 10:12 pm

The Survivor God Diary #7 (Second Immunity Win) Tumblr_me8d0kdaB41rz2r65o1_500

Oh come on, come on, this is too easy.

What a coincidence that the challenge I'm able to make it to, we win. Funny how that works. Funny how I was also a part of the pair that won the entire damn thing. That was a clean sweep, and further proved that these favorites are as stupid as they are delusional.

I'll be fair, Johan was a big part of that challenge win too, and I couldn't have done it without him, so I can't take all the credit. And he further proved why I want him out of this game. He's the smartest out of the rest, and he's the biggest threat in the alliance strategically and in challenges. If anything, I'd want him out before the merge, so I'm working on that. The Survivor Deities (there are no Survivor Gods apart from me) must be putting their blessings behind me, because he started talking to me about taking out Alex & Cindy, who are coincidentally the two that I'm plotting against him with, so I shared with them that convo, so now they have even more reason to want him gone. Now Cindy and Johan are gonna butt heads again, which is backed by the fact that he already blindsided her in another game, and I can just move on through in the background. Isn't manipulating people fun??

But the best part of today was putting those favorites down a peg. Especially amrwcunt.

Fun times!
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The Survivor God Diary #7 (Second Immunity Win)
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