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 The Survivor God Diary #2

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The Survivor God Diary #2 Empty
PostSubject: The Survivor God Diary #2   The Survivor God Diary #2 EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 2:02 pm

My tribe really are a bunch of idiots. Honestly, though. It's just so easy to manipulate them. It's like a fun game for me to play with their heads.

Making that post about people with idols having to come forward, while hiding one of my own, makes me laugh. I'm putting on such a good show. I'm gonna take it up a notch. I'm gonna PM some of my tribe members, "panicking" about who is keeping the secret. Why? To create paranoia and tension in my tribe, which will then, in turn, make them more susceptible to my mind games. It's pretty basic.

I won't overdo it of course, but just enough so that people feel comfortable with me. The truth is, someone with a known idol, is gonna get targeted sooner or later, so it's flushed out, at the very least.

That being said, I'm honestly debating whether or not I should tell at least one of my closest allies about my idol. My options are FusionCode, Alex, or Dog. Why those three? Well I get along better with them than the other idiots, and, also, they seem most likely to love the fact that I have an idol, and will want to ride my coattail to the end. FusionCode already has an idol of his own though, so I may have to focus on Alex or Dog. I'm only going to tell one of them. It's a tightrope walk because I can't have one of them ratting me out, so I'm gonna see how our relationships build during the challenge today before I make my decision. Either they panic and tell one of our tribemates, or my relationship with them will be strengthened. I'm gonna play it towards the latter.

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The Survivor God Diary #2
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