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 The Survivor God Diary #9 (Another Immunity Win)

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The Survivor God Diary #9 (Another Immunity Win) Empty
PostSubject: The Survivor God Diary #9 (Another Immunity Win)   The Survivor God Diary #9 (Another Immunity Win) EmptyMon Jun 10, 2013 11:23 pm

The Survivor God Diary #9 (Another Immunity Win) Tumblr_inline_mhzr6wmVwd1qz4rgp

Today was a very important day in terms of the game. It was, as they say, a true "turning point", and I'm quite pleased that a lot of it went the way I wanted it to.

Firstly, there was the small matter of the annoying cunt, JohanDipshit. Now, I had no worries that my allies weren't going to vote for Johan. My allies are pretty easy to read, and it was obvious that I wouldn't have to worry about their votes. My only concern was that Johan may have actually had an idol and would play it. We did have a bit of a scare earlier, however, because it seems someone, today, told Johan that he was getting blindsided. Now, a lot of my allies were concerned, but myself, not so much. They were afraid someone within our alliance leaked that information, and while that's possible, I believe he probably gathered that information from the other tribe, with whom I've been conversing. If someone from our alliance did leak that information, it further proves how I'm playing with complete imbeciles, because why would you tell Johan that after we all already vote for him? It'd have been more useful to tell him that before he had already submitted his vote. Stupidity.

Anyways, after Johan left, one of the losers from the Favorites started moaning about how he was voted out or some shit. Jesus Christ, those Favorites are more pathetic than I thought. Hearing them go back and forth about being "veterans" and arguing about who was here longer, etc. was just embarrassing. This particular idiot, whose name I didn't bother to remember, was battling with amrwcunt to see who was the bigger crybaby, and I think all of us that witnessed this dispute are the ones that lost out.

This dipshit also sent me this hilarious PM:

The Survivor God Diary #9 (Another Immunity Win) Screenshot20130610at755

Is this guy auditioning for the role of "The Overdramatic & Retarded Prophet" in this tale? Because if so, he has the part!

Seems like losing Johan didn't affect us in the challenge much, since we won that one too. Even if we hadn't won, I love how he just assumes that we voted Johan off just for the sake of making a big move or something. What a dumbass.

So that brings me to the second part of this important day - the challenge. With the tribes at 7-7, it was pivotal that we won this one, especially since we're relatively close to a merge. It was also important to show that we didn't need Johan. For some reason everyone seems to think that this guy was a huge threat in challenges, when the only challenge he performed well in was the one where I was paired up with him as his partner. Apart from that, he didn't do anything - apart from submitting literally one word in the challenge I missed, and screwing up in the first challenge too. This is also a guy that didn't even get an idol. Is he a threat strategically? Yes. Because he has shown in the p . But in challenges? Lolz. I'd rate Fusion higher than him. Fusion and I did just as a good a job winning today's challenge, and Fusion has an idol to boot. I love Johan's excuse of "I underestimated you guys" for not winning an idol. What a dumbass.

Anyways, so it was important to tilt the numbers in our favor by winning today's challenge, and we did just that. So much for EnnJayCunt's prediction.

It was a close challenge, and like I've said in the past, I'll be honest when I messed up, and I definitely did twice, early in this challenge. Confusing "Aliens" for "Alien", and then putting in 1960 & 1970 instead of 1969 & 1970. Either way, I managed to buck up, and with Fusion, we managed to work well together and pull off the win.

It's fun working with Fusion, because unlike with Johan, I don't feel the need to shove a pair of steaming tongs up my ass whenever I talk to him.

The only downside to today was that I put in another strong performance in the challenge, and I've been pretty much identified by both tribes as being strong in challenges, and that's a label I have to be wary of, going into the merge. But I'd rather have that label than underperform in challenges and go to Tribal.

All in all, a pretty good day for the Survivor God. I'm going to have a crack at the idol riddles in the Celestial Dome later.
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The Survivor God Diary #9 (Another Immunity Win)
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