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 Vote/Confessional Number 3

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PostSubject: Vote/Confessional Number 3   Vote/Confessional Number 3 EmptySun Jun 09, 2013 10:26 pm

Boy, was today's challenge a godsend. We actually got to go to tribal without actually losing. Therefore, a perfect time to get out the annoying prat, JohanDipshit. It was pretty straightforward once we got into the challenge. I was able to convene with my sub-alliance and we basically decided to eliminate Johan early, but with the pretense that we were a unified tribe just wanting to let one of the girls win, so not to arouse any suspicion on Johan's part. So Alex won the whole thing. That worked even better for me so I didn't have to strengthen the label of being strong in challenges. So all in all, it was a perfect day. Thanks, hosts.

That idiot FusionDipshit nearly spoiled the whole thing though, by accidentally saying "time to get Johan out now" in our public chat. When I had just said to be careful which chat window you were talking to. Luckily I was able to do some damage control, and I think Johan is feeling safe again, so we can move ahead with the plan.

This vote for Johan is going to be worth it, because not only is he the craftiest player on our tribe after me, he's also an incredibly annoying prat. Okay, buddy, we get it, you know a lot of countries. You don't have to repeatedly moan about how the challenge is too easy for you, and how the hosts should pick tougher countries. And then earlier, this annoying Brit, when challenged about how it's "oui" in French, and not "oue", as he had spelt it, decided to incorrectly explain how most French people use the latter. Uh... no. If anything, it'd be "ouais", dumbass. But whatever, let's listen to the arrogant Limey and not the guy that's actually French.

At least when I'm arrogant, I back it up.

Time to put this bitch in his place.

It's been a long time coming, baby:


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Vote/Confessional Number 3
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