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 Vote/Confessional (Final 10)

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PostSubject: Vote/Confessional (Final 10)   Vote/Confessional (Final 10) EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 5:19 am

Another day, another immunity win for the Survivor God. Today's was a close one, and I enjoyed the sparring with FusionCode. My respect for FusionCode has grown over these past few days, as he's proven himself to be a worthy ally and competitor. He's only 18 years old and shows much more maturity than almost all the so called "Favorites".

I'm glad to have won immunity, let's be honest. Frankly, I needed it, since I'm most likely going to be on the chopping block every tribal now, unless I win immunity. I'm not going to make any bold promises and say that I'm going to win every challenge until the end - but I'll try my best. Has anyone ever won 6-7 straight immunity challenges to a final two or three in IMDb Survivor? Perhaps one of the hosts can enlighten me there. Regardless, it's a challenge I look forward to undertaking.

Today's challenge was a fun one (great job, Arik!), and now that I have immunity, I'm slightly relaxed. Slightly. Tonight is another important vote, and we need it to go our way, to continue taking out the favorites. My apologies to the host or whomever following this game, if it feels a bit predictable to see every favorite go home one by one. But it's important to us to do so, because within my alliance, I have routes to get to the end. With the favorites, none of us do, so there's no reason to jump ship.

My vote tonight is for:


Some of my alliance-mates wanted to get rid of Almrwcunt, because they find her very annoying. I don't disagree that she is a very whiny individual with an excuse for everything, but I thought Spooky was a smarter option for three reasons:

1) Spooky proved today that he is pretty decent in challenges. He and Firebolt are the last two favorites that can really contend with Fusioncode and I.
2) Should, somehow, they have another idol, they probably wouldn't play it on him. I may be wrong, but that's what I feel.
3) I find it funny to prolong almrwcunt's stay in this game. Maybe it will bite me in the ass, but hey, so long as she's in the game, at least it provides some entertainment/drama to counterbalance the predictability of taking out the favorites one by one.

My only concern is if they do have one last idol. My alliance mates were too stupid to figure out what Almrwcunt meant when she mentioned how I was the only one in the room with her - aka, the Celestial Dome. My alliancemates just thought her idol was the last remaining one from the start of the game. Regardless, that idol was flushed. But should Neil have been lying about being voted out with an idol, there's always the possibility of one last idol on their side.

I doubt they have one more idol, but better safe than sorry. My one saving grace in this situation is that I have the immunity necklace, so if they play an idol, at least I'm safe. Furthermore, it would only bring the situation to 5-4, and we'd still have the numbers - and they wouldn't have any more idols.

I do tend to overthink things - but being the Survivor God, I have to. Better to plan out every avenue than to rush in blindly.

Anyways, again, my vote is for:


Spooky, you said you hated most people on the merged tribe. Well now you don't have to deal with us!
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PostSubject: Re: Vote/Confessional (Final 10)   Vote/Confessional (Final 10) EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 3:40 pm

Quote :
Today's challenge was a fun one (great job, Arik!),

Thanks Very Happy
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Vote/Confessional (Final 10)
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