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 Vote/Confessional (Merged)

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Vote/Confessional (Merged) Empty
PostSubject: Vote/Confessional (Merged)   Vote/Confessional (Merged) EmptyWed Jun 12, 2013 10:56 pm

This vote could very well prove to be a decisive point in the game, and I recognize it as such.

I will have a big target on my back, and I'm not going to sit here and act confident in my allies. Well, I'll correct that statement - I do believe my allies aren't going to blindside me, but there is a risk that one person may flip. Alaina. But I've had some very good one-on-one talks with her, and hopefully she feels comfortable enough around me to stick with us.

The second factor that concerns me, was the uncovering of an idol in the Celestial Dome, by someone I can only imagine as having been a favorite. I never told my allies about the dome, so I had to convince them that one of the favorites still had an idol, and we had to approach the situation as such. Thankfully they believed me, and so we ran with that mentality.

The third factor in tonight's vote is JwiseN, with whom I've had a lot of conversation in regards to this merge. He's told me that he and Firebolt are willing to flip, but I can't trust him, obviously. So I fed him false information that we were planning on taking on Almrwcunt, which was strengthened by the fact that we intentionally took her out first in today's challenge. I told him to flip his vote to us, and vote out almwrcunt.

The above strategy works two fold:

a) Either he wasn't lying, and he and Firebolt throw two votes her way, splitting the favorites' vote count.
b) Or he tells Almrw that we're going to take her out, and, tying in with my second point, should one of them have an idol, they'll hopefully play it on her.

Therefore, running with this strategy, taking out Almrwcunt is going to have to wait.

Alex and I convinced the alliance to vote out someone most likely not to have an idol, and most likely not to have an idol played on him.

So tonight, my vote, and hopefully the vote of all my allies, is for:


Regarding my idol, it has definitely crossed my mind to play it. Especially since I didn't win that challenge (which was pretty much tailor made to result in a loss for me...). However, the one drawback is, if in fact this all goes my way, I'll have lost an idol, and, furthermore, my long time allies will know I've lied to them from the start.

So I won't be playing it tonight. Should that be an error, then I have no one to blame but myself.

So again, my vote is for:


Honestly, I'm sorry that I have to do this. JwiseN was literally the only player from the Favorites that I had any respect for. He carries himself with dignity, and he's definitely the most intelligent player over there. I know he'll put most of his anger and blame towards me, and that's fine. Hopefully he understands why we had to do this, and why I had to lie to him.

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Vote/Confessional (Merged)
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