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 The Survivor God Diary #8

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PostSubject: The Survivor God Diary #8   Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:30 pm

I think another thing that differs me from the traditional Survivor "villain", is that I'm not loud and upfront about it with everyone. The only public outburst I had is when I put almrwcunt in her place, but in my interactions with other players, I'm the poster child for happiness and friendship. In the skype convos, I portray myself as the relatively easygoing, a bit silly, a bit stupid, jokester. Even when in contact with the other tribe, I'm acting as a "liaison" for my tribe, not as some cunning evildoer. All my dirty deeds take place deep behind the scenes and in these confessionals. This ties in to my greatest asset in this game; my ability to manipulate others into doing what I want, while thinking they're doing it of their own accord. Therefore I get what I want, whilst deflecting most of the heat.

So therein lies that difference I mentioned earlier - your traditional "villain", say, for example, a Russell Hantz, is loud and brash, and wants everyone to know they're the bad guy.

I don't.

At least not until this is over.

I've been so good at this social game (I'm not going to be a dipshit like Daniel and say something stupid like how I'm "pwning" everyone), that everyone on my tribe wants me to be with them. I have so many options, it's tearing me apart, Lisa!

Option 1 - Dipshit Alliance - JohanDipshit, sexynadipshit, fusiondipshit, smellyreddipshit, alexa_dipshit
Alaina is also a backup Dipshit for the alliance.

This was the core alliance I began with, and it definitely helped me solidify my place in the early game. As a newcomer to these games, it was important that I had a strong alliance amongst players that were already familiar with each other. No matter how brilliant I may be, it's all a moot point if I have an alliance of 2 or 3 in a tribe of 10.

This is an alliance I do plan on sticking with - minus JohanDipshit, who I can't wait to blindside - because I believe they'll all stick to the alliance and I'd rather work with them than the collection of ego-stroking retards known as the Favorites.

That being said, obviously there needed to be deeper alliances within the Dipshit Alliance, and that leads me to:

Option 2 - The Amazing Survivor God & His Assistant - alexa_dipshit

Obviously I also needed someone I could take to the end with me, and Alex was the simple choice. Mainly because out of the other dipshits, she doesn't annoy me, so when I work with her, I don't feel like stuffing a knife up my nostril. So that's good. It's also because, from the others, she's the least strategic player. As I've touched upon in the past, I have to walk her through every step before she comes to the same conclusion that I do. So I know that, in the end, I stand the best chance of winning against her.

Option 3 - Dipshit Alliance Part II: Electric Boogaloo - sexynadipshit, smellyreddipshit & alexa_dipshit

Sexynadipshit and smellreddipshit, aka Cindy and Hugo, clearly also recognized that they needed a strong two to pair up to the end, and so they found each other. Awww. Well, unfortunately for them, they didn't know who they were dealing with when they asked me to join their twosome for a deeper alliance. I must be doing a great job of playing stupid, because they clearly think I'm stupid enough not to realize what would happen if I stuck with them - eventually they would cut me off. And I don't play that game. Furthermore, they were too stupid to realize that I already had a twosome alliance before they did, and they even asked if I thought that Alex might want to come onboard with us. Um, let me see... she's been secretly allied with me since day one, so... no shit, assholes.

Either way, it's good to know that I have this alliance, and I'll continue to humor them and make them believe I'm with them to the end.

But I came up with another plan...

Option 4 - The Amazing Survivor God, His Assistant & His Waterboy - alexa_dipshit & fusiondipshit

This is in direct retaliation to the above option. If Cindy and Hugo stick together like I expect them to, Alex and I will eventually be cut off, and I don't want to play a risky game of "when we four get to the end, we'll just see what happens!". So I'm going to rope in Fusion with Alex and I, under the pretense that Alex and I have yet to make a secondary alliance, and that it'd be the start of something new with Fusion. As I said in my previous PM, Fusion is a bit of a free agent, so I'll get in contact with him and see how that goes. Should we get him as a third, I'll take Cindy and Hugo with me to the final five, and then, if all goes according to plan (which, in this game, it probably won't, but...), when we're supposed to take out Fusion, we'll have Fusion vote with Alex and I to take out Hugo and Cindy. Then if there's a final three, I'm left with these two dipshits, and if there's a final two, I'll cut off Fusion and go with Alex.

Option 5 - The Spectacular Survivor God & The Delusional Asshole - JohanDipshit

This one is a non-existant alliance - to me, at least. This one is purely for amusement. Johan seems to consider himself one of the powerhouses in challenges, when the only challenge in which he performed well in was our previous one, so that bemuses me. And he only did well in the last challenge because he had the Survivor God as his partner. Anyways, so it's funny being in private chats with him where he's stroking his own ego, and how he believes that he and I will be targeted due to our strength in challenges. He's right there. I will be targeted. He will be targeted for other reasons. I won't go into my plans to get him out again, because you can read about that in previous confessionals.

This is an alliance that won't be lasting long, but I may as well continue to humor him so I know where his head's at. Hell, I just had a funny idea - when we blindside him, I'm sure I can convince my alliance to let me vote with Johan against Alaina (which would be the target during his blindside), "in case Johan has an idol". Then Johan won't even know I was the mastermind behind his blindside, and will think I was just as blindsided. Man, I'm gonna try that. That'd be great.

Option 6 - The Fantastic Survivor God & The Retarded Favorites - DanielB, JWiseN, ???

This one is a developing alliance, and it's purely based on my efforts to just build connections on the other tribe, in case we have a tribe switch, or if we go into the merge low on numbers. Regardless of the exact situation over on the Favorites, I know it's chaotic so I'm trying to prey on whoever I feel may be in a weak situation. I reached out to Daniel and JwiseN because, in the Favorites' first vote, there were 6 votes cast against Daniel, who was protected by an idol used on him by JwiseN. I surmised that, at least in that vote, those two were in the minority. I don't know how it's developed since then, but I'll continue to work on those two and a few others.

Lolz, I also just remembered about how I threw Johan under the bus in my PMs with Daniel. When I asked Daniel who was calling the shots over on the Favorites, I threw him a fake bone and said Johan was in charge on our side. More fuel towards the Johan burning fire. Good times.


I have so many options, and I'm happily playing, and considering, all sides. A weak player has tunnel vision and is too afraid to shake things up.

For me, I won't hesitate in taking anyone out, even if they're my closest ally. As long as it benefits me in the longterm, I really couldn't give two fucks.

Survivor God, signing out.
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PostSubject: Re: The Survivor God Diary #8   Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:00 pm

Johan won't be happy when he reads all this.
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PostSubject: Re: The Survivor God Diary #8   Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:02 pm

I'm sure he can make himself feel better by pretending to be a challenge beast.
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PostSubject: Re: The Survivor God Diary #8   Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:08 pm

If anything, he should be thankful. He'll learn so much by standing on the shoulders of a giant like me.
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PostSubject: Re: The Survivor God Diary #8   

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The Survivor God Diary #8
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