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 The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown)

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The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) Empty
PostSubject: The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown)   The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) EmptySat Jun 08, 2013 1:57 am

Are you ready to read the words of the Survivor God?

The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) Tumblr_mbe9o3ptLL1rrpsd7

Y'know I'm not just using these Moriarty gifs for pomp and show. I do so because I feel a kind of kin-ship to Sherlock Holmes' nemesis. Because I'm approaching this game in the exact same way I feel that he would have to.

I know I'm stronger than the other players.

I know I'm smarter than the other players.

I know I'm better than the other players.

In this game, no one can hold a candle to me. And that's not just talk; it's a fact.

I'm not even talking about this "season". There's never been a player like me in any of these past games. End of story. Let me tell you why.

Note how I used the phrase "he would have to". You see, the difference between myself and other players that considered themselves "villains", is that while they mainly do it haphazardly to get themselves further in this game, or for I do so because it's in my nature.

Whereas a previous "villain" could change his or her game and play it cleanly - just ask my good friend JohanPar - I would never be able to play this game any differently.

Much like Moriarty, I embrace the fact that I am bad to my bone. Not because I want to. Not because I need to. But because I have no choice. And I turned that into a strength, not a weakness.

Plus, like Moriarty, I'm one hell of a sharp dresser.

The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) Flat,550x550,075,f

I consider this my first time playing, and boy, am I tearing this game apart. It's been too easy, honestly. And talking with the other players just hones in on the fact that none of these players are even in the same league as me.

The Favorites are basically a collection of online idiots that have deluded themselves into thinking they're actually smart because they were able to previously outplay people even stupider than them. That's not an achievement. I have a right to act arrogant. They don't. You've played 28 online IMDb games? Good for you. Doesn't change the fact that they're in my playground now, and they haven't even come close to impressing me. I'm going to pick them off one by one. The Favorites are nothing than a bunch of unruly schoolchildren that I'll gladly put in line. By the end of this game, they'll be eating the shit crumbs stuck onto my asshairs.

As for the Fans? I can take some time out of my evening to give my thoughts...

Barring myself, Johan is playing the most aggressive game from this group of "Fans". Therefore he's my first major target. The problem with him is that he has deluded himself into believing that he's in a position of power within our alliance. And his arrogance shall be his downfall. Now, I know what you're thinking. Arrogance? Coming from Mercuzo? The difference between Johan and I, in that aspect, is that Johan is too small-minded to consider all the variables, and allows his overconfidence to cloud his head. You see, while I may get confident, I also consider every possible roll of the dice. Every possible outcome. And I plan accordingly. What happens if people are secretly going to blindside me? Well, build alliances with everyone so I'm always in the loop. Done. What happens if I'm told I'm going to be voted out but I have no numbers on my side? I play my idol. Done. What happens if there's a tribe switch? Pre-plan alliances with members of the other tribe. Done. Johan, like most members of my tribe, is so easy to manipulate, and he doesn't realize he's being played by me. All of them don't, actually. Because I've done such a good job of acting like the easygoing tribe wallflower that everyone feels comfortable enough with me to share their thoughts. And I turn all of that knowledge against them. Like, after our previous challenge win, Johan decided to get cocky and talk about how he and I were rocking the challenges (when he actually didn't do much for any of the previous challenges prior to that, but, okay). Of course, that was perfect fodder for further turning the tribe against him, and I shared that with them. Little bits of information have fed them this idea, this desire, to get him out of the game. Bits of information planted by me, but delivered through actions performed by my allies. Have I mentioned how excited I am to blindside this fool?

Alaina is a non factor. She's neither here nor there. She's neutral. She's vanilla. She's Switzerland. She shows up for challenges. She votes with us. She doesn't strategize. I'm kind of surprised, because I see that she participates in a lot of these games, and unless she's trying a different approach this time, she must really be a shitty player. This type of player is dangerous, however, and I recognize that. She could very well slip under the radar and go far in this game, and, baby, there ain't no way I'm gonna let her sneak her way to the end through my hard work. She can enjoy being one of my pawns for now, but like all good foot soldiers, there will come a day where she's thrown away as a casualty of war.

Hugo is like a little puppy. He yaps and yaps and yaps. He cheers me on in challenges. He laughs at my jokes. He bounds around of the walls trying to get in on the action, but at the end of the day, in the presence of an alpha male like me, he'll always yield and stand in place. Hugo, bless his heart, is trying to strategize and pull me in with him and Cindy as a final three. He's trying to pull me in! HA! Of course, like I've so often said, I'm not stupid, so I'm letting him think he's pulling the strings. I'm letting him think that I'm relieved and happy to be part of his little sub-alliance. I'll let him think that.

Until I vote him off.

After Johan, Cindy is the most strategic player from the Dipshit Alliance of 6. Her weakness that I'm going to easily exploit is her paranoia. Her reaction to my lie about Johan possessing an idol was priceless, and basically validated everything I thought about her. After being screwed over by Johan in their previous game, I can tell Cindy is a very cautious player and wants to ensure that she won't get blindsided again. So if I give her that feeling of safety, it'll make my game a lot easier. I'll have her vote as long as she feels safe with me, and then, finally, when she feels most secure...

I'll snap her neck.

Like the rest of the Dipshit alliance, Alex is someone who is just... there. That being said, through our interactions, I feel I get along with her better than the others, which is why I'm taking her to the end with me. She listens to everything I say, and while she may possibly be more cunning than I'm led to believe, she's one of those soldiers that will blindly follow me into battle no matter where I go. I'm taking her to the end with me because I feel it would be incredibly easy to beat her, simply because of her complete lethargy in this game. When I talk strategy with her, it's like I have to hold her hand and spell out the plan. And the bothersome part is that I needn't even bother, because I know she'll come along with me either way. That being said, while it's a tedious job, it's one I'll gladly do to take her to the end with me. Hell, I'm sure I could probably even convince her to tell the jury to vote for me.

Fusion is similar to Alaina in the sense that he's a free agent that's just in the middle of it all. Yes, he's part of the Dipshit Alliance. Yes, he's as much a Dipshit as the rest of them. But he has no real place yet. There's the sub-alliance of Cindy, Hugo, Alex and I. There's the sub-sub-alliance of Hugo and Cindy. There's the sub-sub-alliance of Alex and I. There's the bullshit alliance between Johan and I. But Fusion has yet to have a so He doesn't play these games too often and I can easily take advantage of that. If I guarantee him a spot in the final three, he'll happily tag along, and that's what I plan to do. The only threat he possesses is the idol he has, but once that's nullified after the final eight, we'll be fine. As I write this, I'm waiting for him to come online, and I'll plant the seeds for our agreement, and it should be smooth sailing from there.

I'm not even going to bother writing about Socialize.

Y'know, I know I keep saying how easy this game has been, but that doesn't mean I'm not having a blast. I'm having a great time. Manipulating these weak minded people is such a thrill. It's almost too fun. If I weren't such a prick, I'd probably feel bad. It's really like playing a board game against some mentally handicapped children and dominating them with a hand tied behind my back.

In my last statement for this entry, I'm reaching out to our dear host, Iraheto. And I'm telling you, buddy, I bet you're so pleased that you got me to be a part of your game.

Because there's never been a player like me before, and there never will be again.

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The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown)   The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) EmptySat Jun 08, 2013 12:59 pm

We're very fortunate to have you in the cast. Very Happy What an interesting cast assessment.
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The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown)   The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) EmptyFri Jun 28, 2013 2:32 am

Pretty sure Alexa played your strategy before you did but good job anyway.

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The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown)   The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown) Empty

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The Survivor God Diary #7 (Quarter-Game Breakdown)
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