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 The Survivor God Diary #6

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The Survivor God Diary #6 Empty
PostSubject: The Survivor God Diary #6   The Survivor God Diary #6 EmptyThu Jun 06, 2013 7:14 pm

I may be wrong, but I think, I think I may have said, a couple of days ago, that my tribe would lose the challenge without me. Didn't I? Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm pretty sure I said that...

Sure, it was under controversial circumstances, so for a moment, I was ready to admit my mistake and praise my team for winning. I was! Then, as it turns out, we actually lost by quite a significant amount. Over some stupid mistakes too. These fucking dipshits.

Anyways, so I've voted for kstor, because yeah, get rid of the inactive dipshits.

I also decided that now was a time to start planning for the future, in case we somehow go on a run of losses. Firstly, I needed to put Johan down. As I've said in previous confessionals, I think Johan is the most strategic mind in our alliance (after the Survivor God, of course), so I knew that sooner or later, he'd want to take me out. I mean, this was a guy that was stupid enough to tell me that he played a dirty game last time, and expects me to believe he's gonna play a clean game. Regardless of whether or not he does, I know Johan won't want to go with me to the finals, so it's a game of who takes out who first. And I've set a plan in motion that will ensure that Johan won't be a threat to me much longer. I've concocted the most fabulous tale that will not only get rid of Johan and the favorites, but also endear my allies to me.

I approached Alex last night, in a bit of a dramatic huff, saying that I had something huge to tell. I explained that from the start, Johan had been working with me (this was true), but that since the start, he's also been in contact with some favorites in order to build an inter-tribe alliance for a possible switch or merge. This was not true, as far as I know. I then explained that Johan wanted me to flip with him, and that the agreement with his favorites was that we, the fans, would go in low on numbers. To further drive my point in, I completely lied and said that Johan contacted me the night before yesterday's challenge, asking if I would help him throw the challenge. Lolz. And it actually worked out BEAUTIFULLY, because Johan fucked up majorly in yesterday's challenge, somehow only completing half his assignment, so it actually looked like he threw the challenge.

Also, to put the final nail in his coffin, I told Alex that Johan had the immunity idol (which I actually think he might), and only told me. I neglected to mention that I had one of my own, however.

One of my biggest talents in this game is setting up a scenario, but not providing a solution, but placing all the variables so only one outcome can be achieved - and the outcome is always the one most desirable t ome. Then I have someone else think they came up with that solution on their own, so therefore none of the heat is on me. I planted to seeds of Johan's possible betrayal, acting unsure and paranoid, and Alex and, later, Cindy fell into the trap perfectly.

Now my allies will be untrusting of Johan and the favorites. Now my allies trust me because I came to them with this "gamechanging" information. Now we have a plan in motion that will, no matter what, take Johan out of this game. I can't wait to blindside this guy. I've been so bored with the game so far! I was so bored that I had to concoct this whole thing just to get stuff moving.

The Survivor God Diary #6 Tumblr_mnzj4j28BQ1ql7s9ho1_500

My shit list? Here's the new order I want people gone, if I had my way:

1. AlmrwCunt
2. JB is Awesome
3. JohanPar
4. Rest of the Favorites
5. Alaina
6. Fusion
7. Hugo
8. Cindy
9. Reid

Obviously this list is interchangeable and dependent on how challenges go. Basically, if we lose the next challenge, we're sending home Socialize. If we lose again, we're blindsiding Johan. However, if we keep on winning, this above list, barring a switch, is my preferred order. I wouldn't mind a switch either.

AlmrwCunt is top of my list because not only is she a strategic player, she fucking annoys me to no end. Most of the favorites have this high and mighty attitude (bravo, you've played an online game more times than the fans. Great job), and she's the haughtiest bitch amongst them. And this incident with the latest challenge really annoyed me, because she's all pleased that her tribe won, and when I express my dissatisfaction, she decides to chastise me. Me. The Survivor God. Go back home, bitch, and stop acting as if you wouldn't be annoyed if you were in our position. She may be a strategic player, but she's also a pretty dumb bitch. "Being a douche for entertainment"? What does that even mean?

Annoying cunt. She needs to get laid. Maybe then she'd stop participating in every online game on IMDb and acting like she's Queen of the Internet.

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The Survivor God Diary #6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Survivor God Diary #6   The Survivor God Diary #6 EmptyFri Jun 28, 2013 4:54 am

Omg lol
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The Survivor God Diary #6
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