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 Pre-Game Confessional

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PostSubject: Pre-Game Confessional   Pre-Game Confessional EmptySat Jun 01, 2013 6:36 am


My tribe seem like a bunch of idiots.

I'm going to play the assured leader role.

Yeah, the leader gets the most target on his ass, but I have a feeling my tribe are going to be filled with a bunch of players all giddy and excited to play, ready to listen to the big boss in charge. They'll come to me with their fears and worries, and even if we lose a challenge, I'll remain strong and confident. Because they'll always kneel before the boss.

aka Merc.

aka The Survivor God.

I can't wait until I take this game by the neck and make it my bitch.

By the way, "Merc 'The Survivor God'"? Trademarked, assholes.
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Pre-Game Confessional
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