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 The Survivor God's Final Confessional

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PostSubject: The Survivor God's Final Confessional   The Survivor God's Final Confessional EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 4:55 pm

T'was a good blindside, and the Survivor God can have no complaints about it. Would've liked to have gone further, but this is how it had to go down, I guess!

Obviously there's the annoyance of having had an idol in my back pocket, but even if I had used it, clearly people wanted me out of this game, and I would've been vulnerable at some point or another. And, as I said in the thread, I'll be out most of this week with work, so I would've lost a few challenges. Clearly this is something they've thought about.

I do wonder who voted with me, because whoever did either did so knowing I was going home, or was left out of the loop. Ah, well.

I'm going to sound a bit bitter, but I do hope the Favorites somehow pull a win out of this. Firebolt is the strongest challenge threat left, so maybe he's going to fulfill my goal and win every challenge 'til the end. I'd even vote for almrwcunt at the end, or Zuchini, just because I'd be impressed that they managed to survive until the end. Hopefully my former allies aren't as stupid as I think and will continue to pick off the favorites one by one, but who knows? The only smart two in the alliance are Alexa and Fusion, but without me, there isn't a clear cut leader, and that may be their downfall.

As much as I'd like to be right, I'd love for my former allies to prove me wrong and be smart in taking out the favorites now. I can't imagine how stupid you'd have to be to start breaking down now.

I played a game I'm pleased with. I stayed true to who I am, and if it didn't bag me first place, then so be it. I have no regrets. Taking out the asshole known as JohanPar was like winning!

Best of luck to the remaining players. 

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The Survivor God's Final Confessional
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